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Release: 2012
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Essence Of Mind - Indifference CD

With 'Indifference', the Norwegian act delivers its 3rd album which confirms the band's sound evolution made of a blend of electro, industrial rock, drum n bass, alternative and pop, always on the edge. The music could be described as a mixture of the 2 previous albums 'Insurrection' and 'Try and Fail', but in a brand new wrapping bringing EOM closer to bands like Prodigy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Zeromancer or even Combichrist.

'Indifference is actually EOM's hardest and most emotional album yet, from the hard-hitting 'It's killing You', 'Retreat' and 'Indifference' via the up-tempo and catchy 'Some Kind of Entertainment' and 'Scars' to the highly emotional and melancholic tunes 'In the Night' and 'In Line'.

Sometimes dark, tough and bitter sweet, but always with a hint of hope, this new album deals with fears and emotions, with breaking boundaries, moving ahead in full self-confidence without forgetting the past and without following others blindly... A poignant new album full of potential hits made of strong catchy choruses, fresh melodic synth arrangements, punchy rhythms and a lush and dynamic pop rock feel.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
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1.The Opening
2.It's Killing You
4.Some Kind Of Entertainment
5.In The Night
7.No Denial
9.Aldri Mer
10.Desperate Times
11.In Line