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"Exfeind Zwei Punkt Null"


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Release: March 2020
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Exfeind - Exfeind Zwei Punkt Null CD

Homo homini lupus. Man is wolf to man, that's how that little proverb goes. It's all rubbish, of course: A wolf could never do to us what we do to our own kin day in, day out. Consequently, we should much rather say: Man is man to man. Homo homini homo. It is us ourselves who tear us apart, who mangle us, who are hostile to each other and who segregate us on a daily basis, a vicious circle nobody seems to be able to escape from. That's not exactly nice, to be sure. Even more so, however, it's not exactly news to Lian Exfeind, the enigmatic solitaire behind the uprising industrial rock heavyweight EXFEIND. On “Zwei Punkt Null” he again makes use of that tilt within the fabric of society, that grievance of our time, to turn it into highly explosive, cunning and demasking anthems to a cataclysmic time. And no matter how many good reasons for despair he finds: He refuses to be utterly bereft of hope. And thus always graces his music with the faintest glimmer of hope.

Of course, he'd much rather ...
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1.Wie Ein Boss
2.Tief In Der Nacht
4.Unleash Me
5.Viel Zu Spät
6.Auch Ohne Dich
8.In Dunkelheit Vereint
10.Graue Sonne