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Release: October 2019
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Faderhead - Asteria CD

“If you feel that nothing you are is good enough for yourself, then you only have two choices: you can either give up completely or you can separate yourself step by step from who you are. And then try to become someone who you like more. The songs on ‘Asteria’ are snapshots of this process.” - Faderhead
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1.From His Broken Bones 05:12
2.The Other Side Of Doom 05:40
3.Watching The Watchers 05:00
4.With A Borrowed Knife 03:50
5.The Acid Witch 04:48
6.Slowly We Inch 04:00
7.Murder 04:33
8.Asteria 03:54
9.Mistakes & Pain 04:03
10.Neophobiac 03:45
11.Halo 05:02
12.The Bottom 03:46
13.Dancing All Alone 03:45