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"Atoms & Emptiness"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Faderhead - Atoms & Emptiness CD

Only 11 months after the successful "FH4"-album, Faderhead is back once again to release his new Album. This new record chronicles a period of time in the private life of the German producer where almost everything went wrong - which apparently provided endless inspiration and intensified the songwriting process. Musically, "Atoms & Emptiness" must definitely be considered the darkest and most melancholic Faderhead record. Although the typical Faderhead trademark mix of club electro, popsongs and ballads defines this album, you'll be hard-pressed to find fun-tracks like "Dancers" or "Coke for My As*" this time around. On "Atoms & Emptiness" Faderhead impressively shows how a mixture of EBM, Industrial, Elektro and Synthpop needs to sound in the year 2014 and once again leaves the competition in the dust, wondering how he did it again!? Clubtracks like "Stand up", "When the Freaks come out" or "You can't resist" are fluently mixed with Future Pop songs like "Someone Else's Dream" and "Every Hour kills" (written in cooperation mit Daniel Myer of HAUJOBB) as well as cinematic sounding Ballads like the title track "Atoms & Emptiness". Writing about music is like discussions on the internet: completely useless - so check out "Atoms & Emptiness"! You will hardly find better or more diverse Electro in 2014 anywhere.
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Label:L-Tracks Records
1.Stand Up (03:48)
2.Every Hour Kills (05:00)
3.Champagne & Real Pain (03:31)
4.Atoms & Emptiness (04:52)
5.When The Freaks Come Out (04:48)
6.Someone Else's Dream (04:37)
7.I Forget (03:53)
8.You Can't Resist (03:51)
9.Through This Pain (You Heal) (04:02)
10.Anti-Paradise (03:27)
11.My Heart Is Safe (04:54)