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"Horizon Born"


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Release: September 2020
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Faderhead - Horizon Born MCD

One year after finishing his album-trilogy with the acclaimed "FH3"-CD, Faderhead presents the 5-song "Horizon Born"-EP. And once again he surprises everyone by releasing something totally different from the ber-clubhit "TZDV".

"Horizon Born" is comprised of 5 ballads and shows a totally different side of the talented German songwriter. A side that was always present, as songs like "Exit Ghost", "Still Missing" and "Vanish" proved, but was always overlooked due to the massive presence of Faderhead floorfillers in electro-clubs worldwide.

Some people say that ballads are actually the main strength of the charismatic, shades-wearing, mohawk lover - and "Horizon Born" definitely underlines that claim. Spanning a huge stylistic range from cinematic orchestral sounds to gnarly industrialrock drums to poppy electro-ballads, "Horizon Born" is gonna be a treat for everyone who loves emotional lyrics and soulful melodies. And it may convince a lot of people that Faderhead isn't just a one trick pony.
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1.Horizon Born
2.Silent Every Day
3.Taking Pain In Large Doses
4.Ghost Outside These Walls