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"Two Sides To Every Story"


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Release: 2012
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Faderhead - Two Sides To Every Story 2CD

Shortly before releasing a next album Faderhead decided to put out a double-CD which includes his most popular songs. And he separated it into two parts: CD 1 only showcases dancefloor-oriented clubtracks and CD 2 only features the more 'poppy' songs and ballads "for home-enjoyment".

When listening to both CDs, you can't help but notice how many great songs Faderhead has written year after year and with 35 songs and a playing time of over 144 minutes. This 2CD is a must-have for Faderhead fans who do not own all CDs yet. Or it's the perfect gift for people who don't know Faderhead yet ...
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InfraRot item number:2012.077
Label:L-Tracks Records
1.Tanz Zwo Drei Vier
2.Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois (Feat. Ultimate MC)
3.Destroy Improve Rebuild
4.The Way To Fu*k God
5.Pus*y Rules (Feat. Shaolyn)
6.Horizon Born (Electric Paradise Mix)
7.Swedish Models And Cocaine
8.Zig Zag Machinery
9.Fistful Of Fu*k You
10.Electroslu*s Extraordinaire
11.The Protagonist
12.I Got My Bass Back (Feat. Shaolyn)
14.Acquire The Fire
15.Join Us
16.Baby Firefly
17.O/H Scavenger
18.Older Now
19.Fu*k What You Heard
20.Sentimental Again
21.Mono Man (Feat. Dr. T)
22.Naughty H
23.Coke For My Ass
24.Friday Night Binge
25.The Lines
26.Girly Show
27.Here With You
28.Inside Of Me
29.Hot Bath And A Cold Razor
31.Still Missing
32.Ballad Of The Weak
33.The Moth And The Fire
34.Horizon Born (Orchestral Version)
35.Exit Ghost