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"Und Der Regen Fällt"


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Release: 2015
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Farblos - Und Der Regen Fällt LP

Compiled for the first time on a physical format and featuring a fantastic bonus exclusive to our release, the previously unheard demo version of 'Never too late' that acted as a basis for the later studio recording. ...und der Regen fällt' is presented in a short vinyl run of 200 copies, pressed at 45rpm for best quality and housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with insert. On December 2nd 2012, the one-man project of F. Karnstein known as Farblos published a digital ep containing five home recorded demos through his Bandcamp site. These recordings are the reflection of F. Karnstein's love for the 80's and early 90's new wave / goth scenes. Heavy use of synthesizers and bass guitar are his trade mark. Romantic, melodic, atmospheric tunes to dance and think to. Self-produced, recorded, mixed by this talented, multidisciplinary artist and remastered specifically for vinyl by Nicolás Zúñiga.
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1.Never Too Late
2.Du Fžllst
3.Diurnal Masque
4.Winterherz (...und Der Regen Fžllt)
5.Auf Der Schwelle