InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Felix Marc



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Release: 2008
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Felix Marc - Pathways CD

Since the mid 90ies Felix Marc started to produce his own solo songs within the wide range of electronic music. His demo recordings always gained massive attention through different muscal scenes which gave him the motivation to continue his path. Felix was able to raise his awareness level within no time by participating in well known bands such as Diorama or Frozen Plasma. Musicwise Felix comines traditional 80ies influences & sounds with modern soundstructures and groovy beats creating an own unique electropop sound. Of course his experience as keyboard player, co-producer and backing vocalist in Diorama since 2000 as well as his vocal performance as singer for Frozen Plasma since 2006. A must have for fans of VNV Nation, Pet Shop Boys, Mesh, DE/Vision, Camouflage or even Schiller.
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1.Give Back The Moments
2.A Thorn Inside My Head
3.Follow The Demons
4.Belles (Surrender)
7.Back To Life
8.Digital Love
9.All The Words (Catharsis)
10.Sweet Dancer