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Femina Faber



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Release: 2008
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Femina Faber - Tumultuor CD

The Femina Faber project fuses the asperity of synthetic and industrial sound with the lyricism of the Latin language using electronic sound (produced by different electronic devices and synth) as a background for Paola Bianchi's poems, translated to Old Latin. Femina Faber sings her poems in latin language accompanied by majestic industrial rhythms and ambient sounds. The result is "Tumultuor": A really stunning meltin' pot of Dead Can Dance meets Portishead, with a superb ethereal background - quite seductive and "nocturnal". Paola Bianchi - the mind behind this project - with her enchanting vocal style, perfectly bound to the music textures, experimental, though "romantic" and "decadent" at the same time. Very recommended to Qntal and Helium Vola fans.
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Label:Creative Fields
2.Nox Lux
3.Quomodo Fit Lorica Mea?
4.Rota Dentata
5.Me Respicio
7.Emitte Spiritum Tuum