InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann


"Homeland Insecurity"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
FGFC820 - Homeland Insecurity 2CD

Waiting has an end! After the overwhelming success of their last album "Law & Ordinance" and the sneak-EP "Defense Condition 2", FGFC820 from New York City return with their CD "Homeland Insecurity". At a point, where other bands are not able to deal with the pressure of releasing a follow-up, FGFC820 decided to take enough time in order to make "Homeland Insecurity" a real masterpiece.

Club hits like "Revolt Resist", "Sound & Fury" and "Doctrine" and even the Industrial ballad "Love Until Death" make sure that FGFC820 come up with no fillers - but just killers! Intelligent and hard-hitting lyrics combined with high level song writing make "Homeland Insecurity" one of the most demanding HarshElectro albums. The limited first edition contains a bonus-CD with great remixes of bands like SITD, Leaether Strip, Grendel, Panic Lift - and not to forget - an exclusive remix of Aslan Faction.

FGFC820 is back!
InfraRot sales rank:689
InfraRot item number:2011.243
1.Call To Glory
4.Resolution 10
5.Revolt Resist
8.Resolution 11
9.Love Until Death
11.Resolution 12
12.In Country
13.Sound & Fury
15.Crush (Leaether Strip Remix)
16.Doctrine (Hex Cycle Remix By Kevorkian Death Cycle)
17.Call To Glory (Vigilante Remix)
18.Lost (Winterkrieg Remix)
19.Legion (World At War Remix By Aslan Faction)
20.Revolt Resist (Second Amendment Remix By Grendel)
21.Crush (SITD Remix)
22.Doctrine (X-RX Remix)
23.Lost (Get Lost Remix By Dirty Bird 13)
24.Relapse (Hate Dept. Remix)
25.Call To Glory (Call To Stomp Mix By FabrikC)
26.Doctrine (BlakOPz Remix)
27.Sound & Fury (Vault-113 Remix)
28.Legion (IVardensphere Remix)
29.Relapse (Panic Lift Remix)