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Film 2

"La Nouvelle Vague Experience"



Release: 2004
Status: Sold out
Film 2 - La Nouvelle Vague Experience LP

FILM2 come from Berlin...the French actress Betty la Gachette and the Music and Video Producer Renault Schubert have worked together since the end of 2001 on a combination of music, film and text. Each song is accompanied by a film produced either by FILM2 or by friendly artists and is projected onto the pair during their live sets. These videos are not intended to be a replacement for a live appearance; they are from the outset a part of the whole idea. The music of their debut album "La Nouvelle Vague" is difficult to categorize in conventional terms -influences from the last 40 years of music history are converted and connected into a whole by the salient voice of Betty la Gachette. The album flows between Electro(nica), Punk, Future Rock'n'Roll and Break & Beats. However, despite so many different influences the end result is something homogeneous.
InfraRot sales rank:1,821
InfraRot item number:2005.704
Label:Pale Music
Label's catalogue number:Pale 007
2.Angry Young Woman
3.Dusty Typewriter
4.Shadow Of A Doubt
5.Shrink Wrapped
7.My Fish Is A Fender
9.My Fish Is A Fender [Video]