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"Under a godless Sky (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2018
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Finkseye - Under a godless Sky (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of only 300 handnumbered copies!

File Under: Electro-Industrial / EBM

The Swedish electro/industrial project FINKSEYE became well known with their first album on Razgrom "Deadweight" – an album that received excellent reviews in many music web-zines. Two years later, Henrik Fink Nilsson returns with the second album of his project, demonstrating an impressive progress and further modernization of FINKSEYEs sound. "Under a godless Sky" is made in the best traditions of classic electro-industrial, but you can also find elements of dynamic EBM, melodic synth-pop, and 3 great epic / monumental instrumental compositions, dedicated to 3 cities, that are united by a tragic destiny during World War II ("Stalingrad", "Dresden", "Oradour-Sur-Glane"). The overall sound of FINKSEYE has become more complex, intelligent and melodic in a specific "Scandinavian way". This release will appeal not only to fans of gloomy post-apocalyptic EBM / Industrial, but also to fans of high-tech sci-fi electro and projects like COVENANT, CRYO, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, DUPONT etc.
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1.The Chaos Machine
2.Shut It Down
3.Dangerous Lines
4.Wired Dreams
5.Give In To Me (Feat. Suzy Vp)
7.Venus Descending
8.My Insanity And You
13.Everloving Mantra
16.Bad Luck Baby