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Fire & Ice

"Birdking (Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Fire & Ice - Birdking (Black Vinyl) LP

This folk milestone of Ian Reads Discography as Fire + Ice is finally avalable again.First released 15 years ago in 2000.Fire + Ice is Ian Read here together with:Joseph Bidenholzer (guitar, keyboard, vocals)Michael Fallson (guitar)Alice Karlsdöttir (vocals)Annabel Lee (violin)Michael Moynihan (percussion)Richard Leviathon (instruments & vocals) Douglas P. (guitar, Keyboard)
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1.Dragons In The Sunset 4:00
2.Birdking 5:18
3.The Werewolves Of London Town 4:45
4.Drighten's Hall 5:00
5.Gaze Of The Proud 4:12
6.The Lady Of The Vanir 4:58
7.Flagg 4:11
8.Take My Hand 2:06
9.Greyhead 4:56
10.My Brother 3:18
11.Buast Til Ófriðar 0:54
12.Where Have They Gone? 4:56