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Flash Cero



Veröffentlichung: 2016
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Flash Cero - 1988 LP

Flash Cero started in Madrid back in 1986 by Logytself (synths) and Fan Dl Kaox (vocals & synths). With only a Roland Juno 60, one Casio 5000, a Simmons electronic drum machine, some effects and basic equipment they started to work. Fran Null (keyboards) and Javier Cruz (percussions) joined the band few weeks later.

In 1987 Flash Cero recorded a demo with 6 tracks and started to play shows and look for a record company. Months later the band finally got a contract with a spanish label to record and release their debut album “1988”.

27 years later this influential and cult techno-pop album is back to life. “1988” has been remastered from the original tapes and a new artwork has been created with graphic material from band private archives.
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1.Reflejo Azul
2.Doble Personalidad
4.Plan X
6.Ciudad Estelar
9.Nuevo Ser