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"Dödsabnorm (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021
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Folkstorm - Dödsabnorm (Limited Edition) CD

Only a year after the "Nihil Total" album Folkstorm returns stronger than ever with an album of suffocating and death-infused ortodox industrial.Recorded using only 70´s circuitry and lots of metallic percussion Nordvargr has created a dense atmosphere that is dark and threatening as well as hypnotic.A clear statement of what 2020, and possibly the future, will hold for us all; decay, darkness and suffering.

Great old school-industrial, very close to some BDN or GO sunds but also with a very dark touch of MZ.B.E.A.S.T. Nordvargr album ever!

Album will be released in a limited edition of 300 CD's
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Label:Old Europa Café
2.Let The Spirit Exit
3.Death Strike
5.Abyssal Emptiness
6.As We Die
7.Failure Of Organs