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Forest Fang



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Release: 2009
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Forest Fang - Phantoms CD

"Phantoms" is Forrest Fang's 9th solo album and the follow-up to his Projekt release, Gongland. Nearly eight years in the making, "Phantoms" builds on the gamelan-influenced soundscapes of its predecessor by weaving organic sounds of non-Western stringed and percussion instruments and filtering those sounds through a rich melodic tapestry of warm and vaporous atmospheres. Fang's subtly layered and continually evolving textures combine his Asian influences with his love of fractal algorithms that reflect the chaotic beauty of nature. The ambiences of "Phantoms" evoke a state of contemplation within a world in flux. The centerpiece of the album is a 23-minute ambient suite.
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InfraRot item number:2004.500
Label's catalogue number:PRO230
1.Distant Fires
2.The Great Wheel
3.Little Angklung
4.A Walk Through The Clouds
5.The Hallucinations Of Hung Tung
6.Slow Rise
7.Ebb In Winter