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"Space Echoes"


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Release: 2016
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Foretaste - Space Echoes CD

‘Space Echoes’ is Foretaste’s fifth album – moving from a complete different direction after ‘Love on demand’. One of the band’s trademark is the choice of a central theme for each album and this time the focus is on space – as implied by its title. Taking its root in 1950’s SF novels, this new album can be described as a space opera, with a wider sound and production. Violins, harps and percussions have been added to the classical electronic background of the band’s music to broaden its horizon. Yet this background is always there as the title ‘Space Echoes’ - an intended reference to the classic Roland echo chamber – proves it.
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1.Lost In Space 
2.First Symptoms 
3.Falling Babylon 
4.One By One
5.I Know Where To Find You 
7.Every Shadow 
9.Paradise Of Broken Hearts