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"Love and Nihilism (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2021
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Formalin - Love and Nihilism (Limited Edition) CD

For all fans of underground electronic music, the name of the German project FORMALIN is well known. After three successful albums on the mighty Out Of Line label, this Berlin-based band confidently settled in the major league of the world electro-industrial movement. Elegantly and skillfully combining «old school» with «new school», cold EBM with emotional vocals, sophisticated high-tech industrial with strong melodies, elegant post-gothic aesthetics with furious energy and heavy guitar sound, FORMALIN have built their own unique place in the independent music scene. Following the best traditions of the classic «Canadian» sound (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, SKINNY PUPPY) and European masters (like PORTION CONTROL, HAUJOBB), Tom and Gabor, never- theless, masterfully implement elements of various genres into their music, from guitar rock to techno and even pop music, confidently expanding the borders of a historically "orthodox" style like industrial music. "Love And Nihilism" is the fourth album of the band and can be called the most ambitious, mature and complex work of FORMALIN. Industrial and EBM are most harmoniously balanced and com- bined with aggressive guitars and the state-of-the-art sound production reaches the highest level. Originally, "Love and Nihilism" was released this summer as a ‘digital only’ release, accompanied by four singles and cinematographic music videos. N This limited "physical" CD version comes including a special bonus track section of all the four B-sides from the digital singles! This is a top release for Razgrom Music and comes as a special strictly limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies!
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1.Love And Nihilism
2.Tear Down My Prison
5.Iron Strings
6.Never Fail
9.Down Low
12.Before We Fade Away