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Frame Of Mind

"At The End Of Your World"


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Release: 2018
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Frame Of Mind - At The End Of Your World CD

After a long creative break, Frame of Mind returned with a surprising comeback in 2017, releasing the album ‚Resurrected‘. As one of the early bands from the Frankfurt scene in the late 80’s, they helped shaping the sound of the industrial electronic scene. Now in 2018, Frame of Mind continue with a follow-up album. ‘At the end of your world’ is a consequent continuation and shows in 17 songs the broad range of experience of musical songwriting and intelligent storytelling. From hard beats, sound collages, up to more subtle ballades – the album takes through a musical journey with diversified and deep songs. The digital single ‘Nothing else to do’ will be released as the precursor to the album, including remixes from different artists.
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1.Dawn (Intro)
3.You’Ll Die Alone
4.Nothing Else To Do
7.Wall In Our Heads
8.Dirty Little God
9.Devil In Disguise
10.I’M Afraid Of Americans
11.Can You See Me?
12.Heartbeat (2018 Version)
14.Is Someone Out There
16.Subliminal Violence
17.Quiet Devil (Outro)