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Fredrik Croona

"Welcome Home (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Fredrik Croona - Welcome Home (Limited Edition) CD + CDR

standard transparent double-case, incl. mini 3” cd-r, and placed in carton super-jacket.

Welcome Home is the second album by Fredrik Croona, probably best known from bands like Menschdefekt, ex- Project Rotten and Cynical Existence. The new album is a bit more mature than the first album "The grey line". It features 12 original songs with two collaborations from the bands Controller Collapse and konclever.

Stephane formely of Side-Line crew ...
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2.Without My Defenses
3.The Naked Truth
4.Follow The Blind Feat Controlled Collapse
5.Dreams Never Die (Instrumental)
6.World Beneath My Skin
7.Suffer In Silence Feat Konclever
8.Minds I
9.Walk Away
10.The Downward Spiral
11.A Strange Mind
12.Welcome Home (Outro)
13.Början På Slutet
14.Början På Slutet (Totem Obscura Vs. Acylum Remix)
15.Dislocated ( Pre Emptive Strike 0.1 Remix)
16.Diabolical Intent Feat Stahlnebel & Black Selket.