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Front 242

"Geography (Deluxe Anniversary Limited Box)"

2LP + 2CD + Single/7"

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Release: September 2020
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Front 242 - Geography (Deluxe Anniversary Limited Box) 2LP + 2CD + Single/7

For the celebration of their 35th anniversary year of existence in 2016, Belgian electronic music pioneers FRONT 242 decided to re-release several of their albums together with Alfa Matrix, their partner in crime over the last 15 years now… For the occasion “Pulse + Still & Raw” and “No Comment + Politics Of Pressure” will be re=released on vinyl and in a deluxe vinyl box edition, FRONT 242 also decided to re-release the rerecorded & remastered 2004 edition of their debut album “Geography” as a deluxe collector box edition. The vinyl-sized carton box features a military camouflage design with a spotted varnish printed FRONT 242 logo and a die-cut “2” across the upper cover (once assembled with the two other limited collector box sets released for the anniversary series, you get the “2-4-2” cut across the 3 box sets). The “Geography” anniversary collector box is strictly limited to 1242 copies and includes the following items:

1 x FRONT 242 ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Operating Tracks
2.With Your Cries
3.Art And Strategy
4.Geography Ii
7.He Runs Too Fast For Us
8.Least Inkling
10.Geography I
11.Black White Blue
16.Body To Body
17.Prothese : Couteaux
18.Prothese : Conditionnel Humain
19.Prothese : Chanson
20.Underviewer : Syncussion
21.Underviewer : Mood
22.Underviewer : Labo
23.Underviewer : Trouble
24.Front 242 : Body To Body « Inst »
25.Front 242 : Principles « Inst »
26.Front 242 : U-Men « Inst »
27.Underviewer: I Remember
28.Front 242 : Kampfbereit « Inst »
29.Front 242 : In November
30.Front 242 : Controversybetween « Aerial »
31.Front 242 : Sample D « Aerial»
32.See The Future
33.Take One