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Front 242

"Geography (Limited Clear Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Front 242 - Geography (Limited Clear Vinyl) LP + CD

For the celebration of their 35th anniversary year of existence in 2016, Belgian electronic music pioneers FRONT 242 decided to re-release several of their albums together with Alfa Matrix, their partner in crime over the last 15 years now… For the occasion “Pulse + Still & Raw” and “No Comment + Politics Of Pressure” will be re-released on vinyl and in a deluxe vinyl box edition; FRONT 242 also decided to re-release the rerecorded & remastered 2004 edition of their debut album “Geography” also on vinyl. This vinyl LP is released in 4 different colors (Blue / Yellow / Red / Crystal Transparent), each color format strictly limited to only 242 copies (A carton sleeve CD version of the “Geography” album is also inserted in each vinyl release with 3 bonus tracks). Originally released in 1982, FRONT 242’s debut album “Geography” was already re-released in 2004 by Alfa Matrix in a fully remastered and remixed version using modern technology while staying faithful to the spirit of the original versions and augmented with the bonus track "He runs too fast for us" which did not appear on the original LP back in the early eighties. It is this uplifted version of the album which today gets released on vinyl. A true “classic” record in electronic music history which became such an influential album on the development of industrial / EBM music throughout the 80’s and far beyond and which constitutes the layers on which FRONT 242 was constructed.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Operating Tracks
2.With Your Cries
3.Art And Strategy
4.Geography Ii
7.He Runs Too Fast For Us
8.Least Inkling
10.Geography I
11.Black White Blue
16.Body To Body