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Front 242

"No Comment / Politics Of Pressure (Deluxe Anniversary Limited BOX)"

2LP + 3CD

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Release: 2016
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Front 242 - No Comment / Politics Of Pressure (Deluxe Anniversary Limited BOX) 2LP + 3CD

For the celebration of their 35th anniversary year of existence in 2016, Belgian electronic music pioneers FRONT 242 decided to re-release several of their albums together with Alfa Matrix, their partner in crime over the last 15 years now… These remastered versions showcase FRONT 242’s innovative and unmatched sound in the best audio quality made possible by today's audio technology.

For the occasion of the ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Commandomix Nomenklatura <1&2>
4.Lovely Day
5.No Shuffle
6.Special Forces
8.Don't Krash
9.Funkahdafi Nomenklatura (Bbmurdermix.14 By Acurack)
11.Body To Body (V2)
12.In November (Live)
13.See The Future (Live)
14.Special Forces (Demo)
15.Take One (Live Chicago)
16.Intro/agressiva (Live)
17.Rerun Time (Live)
18.Masterhit (Live)
19.No Shuffle (Live)
20.Body To Body (Live)
21.Television Station (Live)
22.Don’T Crash (Live)
23.Lovely Day (Live)
24.Funkahdafi (Live)
25.Red Team (Live)
26.Quite Unusual (Live)
27.Wyhiwyg (Live)
28.Slaughter (Live)
29.Commando Mix (Live)