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Front Line Assembly

"Airmech (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
Front Line Assembly - Airmech (Limited Edition) CD

Canadian electro-industrial pioneers FLA have composed the soundtrack for the video game 'AirMech'.

"It's very hard electronics, and I have to say this really kicks it. It's got 12 songs in total" says FLA mastermind Bill Leeb "Easily one of my favourite releases ever! Everyone worked so hard, and it's really a labour of love. It was so cool seeing all these young guys really get into it."

The booklet will also contain a special key that unlocks FLA exclusive game items like four exclusive pilots + a special 'FLA AirMech' variant. Front Line Assembly is one of the pioneering bands in the electronic industrial world and continues to be guided by founder Bill Leeb. 'The AirMech' album has been under development since late 2011 in parallel with the progression of the game. Selections of the music will be deconstructed for use as dynamic music, which reacts to conditions during battle. The trademark structure of FLA's music made this collaboration an exciting opportunity for both teams.
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3.Pulse Charge
4.Prep For Combat
5.System Anomaly
6.Mech Killer
7.Everything That Was Before
9.Burning Skyline
10.Stealth Mech
11.Death Level
12.Prime Empiricism