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Front Line Assembly

"Artificial Soldier"


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Release: 2016
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Front Line Assembly - Artificial Soldier 2LP

Ten years ago, Front Line Assembly released Artificial Soldier on the dawn of their 20th year anniversary. This year marks 30 years of Front Line Assembly, and what is better than having this epic album finally available on vinyl.

The album features two intense collaborations by EBM luminaries: first, Front 242's Jean-Luc de Meyer contributes vocals to Future Fail. And, not to be outdone, Covenant's Eskil Simonsson contributes both vocals and keys to The Storm. The rest of the album is essential FLA: the opener Unleashed is an industrial monster, and fan favourite Beneath the Rubble sounds amazing on wax.
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1.A1 Unleashed
2.A2 Lowlife
3.A3 Beneath The Rubble
4.B1 Descension
5.B2 Buried Alive
6.B3 Dopamine
7.C1 Social Enemy
8.C2 Future Fail (Feat. Jean-Luc / Front 242)
9.C3 The Storm (Feat. Eskil / Covenant)
10.D1 Humanity (World War 3)
11.D2 Fawnchopper