InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Front Line Assembly



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Release: 1998
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Front Line Assembly - Re-Wind 2CD

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InfraRot item number:2151.091
Label's catalogue number:ERCD134
1.Predator Cease & Destroy-Mix
2.Aftermath We All Shall Perish-mix
3.Electrocution Shocker Mix
4.Life Suck It Up-mix
5.Oblivion Was It Worth It-mix
6.Colombian Necktie Loose Lips
7.Comatose Re-Entry-Mix
8.Comatose Grisha Mix By Front 242
9.Predator Final Mix By Collide
10.Evil Playground (Chainsaw Mix By Tim Schuldt)
11.Life = Leben (Anderes Leben By Kalte Farben)
12.Comatose V2.0 By Eat Static
13.Colombian Necktie Grit Your Teeth Mix By Cydonia
14.Auto-Erotic Abstinence Mix By Fini Tribe