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Front Line Assembly

"Total Terror 2 (Limited Black Vinyl)"


Veröffentlichung: November 2022
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Front Line Assembly - Total Terror 2 (Limited Black Vinyl) 2LP

Standard edition on black vinyl. Limited to 350 copies.

Deluxe re-release including all tracks from the first edition plus some bonus taken from old compilations. Limited pressing of 500 copies with double vinyl record, deluxe gatefold sleeve and new vintage artwork.

“Total Terror 2” is another collection of early Front Line Assembly demos remixed and remastered for a CD released for the first time in 1994. The original recordings of these songs were done in 1986/87. The equipment used was primitive, but then so is mankind.
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1.A1. Total Terror
2.A1. Assassination
3.A2. Intensive Care Unit
4.A3. Immobilized
5.A4. They're Going To Kill Us
6.B1. Stimulant Combat
7.B2. Hatred By Society
8.B3. Intruder
9.B4. The Boning
10.C1. Face Puller
11.C2. A.e.c. Krunch
12.C3. Cro-Magnon
13.D1. Guilty
14.D2. Attack Decay
15.D3. Mental Conception
16.D4. Elusive
17.D5. Resurrection