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Front Line Assembly

"Vanished (US Edition)"


Release: 2021
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Front Line Assembly - Vanished (US Edition) MCD

Front Line Assembly is an Industrial band that needs no introduction. Founder Bill Leeb has been involved with FLA for nearly two decades, and most recently has gained notoriety with his Delerium side project as well. This past year marked Rhys Fulber's return to the line-up after a tour of duty with Fear Factory and his side project Conjure One. The duo is poised to deliver their third release in six months. Following closely on the heels of “Civilization” and the “Maniacal” single comes the “Vanished” EP. Featuring two mixes of the title track and three exclusive B-sides, “Vanished” retains and reinforces FLA's status in the underground electronic music community. On Metropolis Records.
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1.Vanished (Illusions Of Grandeur Mix)
5.Vanished (Re-Entry Mix)