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Front Line Assembly

"Wake up the Coma (Limited Edition)"


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Release: March 2019
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Front Line Assembly - Wake up the Coma (Limited Edition) 2LP

Electro-Industrial act Front Line Assembly has always pushed the boundaries of the genre it helped define. This is still true On Wake Up The Coma. A fearless leading force, Front Line Assembly provides surprising new elements, such as a cover of Falco's Amadeus (feat. Jimmy Urine), & contributions from Robert Görl (DAF), Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), & Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Cocksure).
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1.A1 Eye On You (Feat. Robert Gorl)
2.A2 Arbeit
3.A3 Amadeus (Feat. Jimmy Urine)
4.B1 Tilt
5.B2 Hatevol
6.B3 Proximity
7.C1 Living A Lie
8.C2 Wake Up The Coma (Feat. Nick Holmes)
9.C3 Mesmerized
10.D1 Negative Territory
11.D2 Structures
12.D3 Spitting Wind (Feat. Chris Connelly)