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Front Line Assembly

"Warmech (Grease Colored Vinyl)"


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Release: 2018-08-10
Status: New release in 21 days
Front Line Assembly - Warmech (Grease Colored Vinyl) 2LP

Artoffact Records is proud to present Front Line Assembly's all-new soundtrack for Carbon Games' latest creation, WarMech! WarMech ranges from industrial to ambient to techno, and will blow the minds of fans of the earlier AirMech soundtrack, as well as long-time fans of FLA. Strictly limited "greasy-mess" colored double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
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1.A1 Mechvirus
2.A2 Anthropod
3.A3 Heatmap
4.B1 The Imminent
5.B2 Force Carrier
6.B3 Meteorfall
7.C1 Molotov
8.C2 Rip Sensor
9.C3 The Eminent
10.D1 Mechanism
11.D2 Earthriser
12.D3 Creator