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Frozen Plasma



Release: 2014
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Frozen Plasma - Crazy MCD

Since years „Frozen Plasma“ are one of the driving forces when it comes to scene- and club hits around the globe. Songs such as „Warmongers“, „Hypocrite“, „Tanz die Revolution“, „Herz“, „Irony“ or „Murderous Trap“ already wrote history and are steady part of every Dj set! „Crazy“ is their latest assault and for sure a future club hit! A warm and catchy melody, hard hitting electronic beats and the charming voice of singer Felix Marc are the recipe for this outstanding new tune! The single is strictly limited to 1000 units worldwide and comes with 7 tracks in total! Besides the band own version the E.P. features remixes by label mates „Shiv-R“, rising electropop stars „CHROM“ as well as newcomer artist „Symbiose“. A strong combination for an interesting CD release! Our Must have for august!
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1.Duellum - Prolog
2.Crazy (Radio Edit)
3.Crazy (Shiv-R Remix)
4.Crazy (Dj Edit)
5.Crazy (Chrom Remix)
6.Crazy (90-60-90 Edit)
7.Crazy (Symbiote Remix)