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Frozen Plasma



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Release: 2015
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Frozen Plasma - Dekadenz CD

Almost 10 years have passed since Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc once started their new band „Frozen Plasma“. Within this decade the band managed to establish themselves in the rough electropop scene getting more and more fans and followers from release to release.

Releases such as Artificial", „Emphasize" or „Monumentum“ with club classics such as „Warmongers“, "Murderous Trap“, "Tanz die Revolution", „Irony“ or their last hit single „Crazy“ are true weapons in every Dj set around the globe.Most of the songs managed to get onto the top 1 position of the DAC, GEWC, or EAC so did „Crazy“ their latest smash which stood up at the top for 6 massive weeks!

After numerous festival appearances and ...
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1.Age After Age
2.Foolish Dreams
6.Faith Over Your Fear
7.Living On Video
8.Haunting Memories (Feat. Vasi Vallis)
9.Over And Out
10.Saving This Moment
12.Stare At The Moon
14.Saving This Moment (Orchestral)