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Release: 2009
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Frozen Plasma - Monumentum CD

"Monumentum" is the name of the new album by Felix Marc (Diorama) and Vasi Vallis (Reaper). After successfull single releases such as "Hypocrite", "Irony", "Tanz die Revolution" or "Earthling" as well as their debut album "Artificial" and the E.P. "Emphasize" they return with a true masterpiece. "Monumentum" is way more then a club album. 13 songs and almost 70 minutes of running time make "Monumentum" one of our album highlights within this year! The tremendous voice of singer Felix makes the sound of Frozen Plasma unique and catchy. Musicwise the album shows a wide range of electronic music in between futurepop, tbm, electro and pop!
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3116
2.The End - Deliverance
3.The Speed Of Life
5.Natural Born Liars
6.Tanz Die Revolution
8.Almond Flower
9.Touching Ground
10.Murderous Trap
11.Forgotten Earth
12.The Speed Of Life (Extended)