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Frozen Plasma

"Safe Dead Harm 2019 (Limited Edition)"


Release: May 2019
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Frozen Plasma - Safe Dead Harm 2019 (Limited Edition) MCD

In 2018 Frozen Plasma released a two track digital only single und the name „Safe.Dead.Harm“. In 2019 we release an update version of the song as physical tinge. But it’s not only a physical release, it’s strictly limited to 500 units worldwide enriched by two massive remixes by label mates ES23 and Ruined Conflict as well as the two original songs and a massive „Minimal Acid Remix“. In total 6 massive tunes ti make your dance floor burn! A song which shows the dark side of Frozen Plasma with an unusual aggressive monoton vocal performance by singer Felix Marc. „THIS IS PART 1 OF A 2 CD SET“
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1.Safe Dead Harm 2019
2.Safe Dead Harm (Ruined Conflict Remix)
3.Safe Dead Harm 2018
4.Safe Dead Harm (Es23 Remix)
5.Safe Dead Harm 2019 (Minimal Acid Remix)
6.Safe Dead Harm (Original Dj Edit)