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Funeral Danceparty

"A Celebration of iDeath! Rec.1979-82"

2LP + Single/7"


Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Funeral Danceparty - A Celebration of iDeath! Rec.1979-82 2LP + Single/7

Funeral Danceparty began in 1979. Their debut release was ‘The Curiosity Shop’ cassette which they released privately in early 1980. This contained several tracks ranging from Free Improv to Musique Concrete to mutant Pop.A review in a national fanzine made comparisons to Cabaret Voltaire, Faust and The Residents. As was the case with many DIY releases at that time, the cassette was advertised in ‘Sounds,’ a national weekly music paper. To obtain a copy, interested parties were requested to send a blank cassette and SAE (self-addressed envelope.) Approx 100 copies were distributed worldwide.Around this time FD began communicating with other early cassette-culture/DIY pioneers / luminaries including Alien Brains, Instant Automatons/Deleted Records, NWW/United Dairies and many others. Their next cassette (also self-released) was ‘The Attractions Of Fixed Interest’ which was also ‘sold’ via ‘Sounds.’ Reviews appeared in several fanzines. One reviewer stated, ‘FD take us on a surreal sonic journey using an array of conventional instruments (guitars, piano, violin, synth, percussion) plus various fx, tape-loops, white noise and found-sounds. Very interesting and highly challenging.’ Another review stated, 'While the sounds are made by conventional instruments, the instruments are used as sound sources of considerably spontaneity which creates a distinctive atmosphere: a mixture of Free music and collage.’ A demo cassette was sent to Industrial Records, Rough Trade and DJ John Peel, all of whom commented favourably and offered advice, suggesting FD self-finance an LP which, due to finances, wasn’t possible. United Dairies were interested in issuing an LP but on the stipulation that it be recorded in a ‘proper’ studio. One track was recorded at a 24-track studio but the finances weren’t available to record further material. This, combined with having to use a clueless in-house producer, resulted in the proposed LP for UD being shelved.

FD made their live debut ...
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