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"Feel The Pain (Ltd.edition)"


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Release: 2018
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Funker Vogt - Feel The Pain (Ltd.edition) MCD

Just ten month after the release of their (immediately sold out) “Musik ist Krieg” - EP, Funker Vogt present their all new EP, serving as first taster for the new album! But beware: The harbinger "Feel the Pain" is again a STRICTLY LIMITED CD in a Digifile and will be sold out within a few weeks. You have been warned!

"Feel the Pain" indicates very offensively the direction of the new album “Wastelands”. With an extremely high sing-along factor, Funker Vogt once again deliver a catchy tune for the dance floor, which should not be missed by any electro-fan. Hard shouts in the verses round up the song to the perfect club anthem.

The video edit and the extended version of "Feel the Pain" on the EP are accompanied by the bonus track "Der letzte Kampf" and the two Funker Vogt classic hits from the past, "Funker Vogt 2nd Unit" and "Gunman", in newly arranged and new sung versions. The band has really found to each other and grew together quickly. A rapid development that unmistakably carries the handwriting of Funker Vogt!

And all that will be proved in their new live-show…
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1.Feel The Pain (Video Edit)
2.Der Letzte Kamp
3.Feel The Pain (Extended Version)
4.Funker Vogt 2Nd Unit – Neumix
5.Gunman – Neumix