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"Memo-Turm Gothic"

Parlor Game

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Release: 2011
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Games - Memo-Turm Gothic Parlor Game

Gothic memory with fantastic pictures by well known German artists like SALT (Ant-Zen), Marcus Rietzsch, Duester Art, Silent View, Anja Papenfuß, Birthe Klementowski, Dr. Laetitia Mantis and P2.

Instructions:The game consists of 35 pairs of picture cards with matching motifs. The goal is to find as many pairs as possible. First shuffle the cards and spread them face down on the table. The first player then exposes two cards so that all players can see the motifs; if the motifs don't match, the player turns the cards face down again. Every player tries to memorize the position of these cards and then the next player takes a turn. A player who finds a matching pair of cards keeps them and receives an extra turn. The winner of the game is the player who collects the most pairs.
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