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"Darkness Of The Day"


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Release: April 2021
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Gen-Zx - Darkness Of The Day CD

A clash of generations - manifested in an unusual project called "gen-zx".Jan Laustroer from Antibody (Generation Z) and Marko Hein from Frame of Mind (Generation X) formed this project in 2017 in order to prove that music isn’t a matter of age or generations. When a modern youngster and proven old-schooler are uniting forces, some interesting mixture of electronic music genres will happen.After the initial release of their 7-track EP ‘Tick Tock’ in 2018, Jan and Marko continued their collaboration until the finalization of their first album.‘The Darkness of the day’ continues their musical journey of striking the balance between modern and established electronic genres, taking listeners on a journey through deep and thoughtful songs. The album contains 10 original songs, plus two exciting remixes from The Saint Paul and J:Dead, lead by the initial single ‘Walking in flames’.
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1.Inside Your Mind 04:13
2.Walking In Flames 03:26
3.Your Only One 03:36
4.It's Not Enough 03:48
5.Darkness Of The Day 04:43
6.Hide & Seek 03:20
7.Lost My Name 03:45
8.Endless Reflection 03:29
9.When I'm With You 03:42
10.On, On And On 03:28
11.Inside Your Mind (The Saint Paul Remix) 04:11
12.When I'm With You (J:dead Remix) 05:30