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Genocide Organ

"In Konflikt (Re-Release)"


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Release: October 2020
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Genocide Organ - In Konflikt (Re-Release) CD

Originally released in 2004, this the last fulllenght release missing its re-release on vinyl. Updated in the layout to the current standard of GOs sleeves. CD comes in slightly re-designed debossed & spotvarnished Digipak and overworked 16p booklet. The album got completely remastered for Vinyl and CD. 11 tracks, a blend mixture from industrial to power electronics to dark depressive ambient noise outbursts for which Genocide Organ is known. Genocide Organ don’t reflect a concrete event of whatever nature, this an abstract questioning of everything with anything, a call to action, which ends in a waste of energy...a call for a movement which is a waste of time...a nihilistic pessimistic worldview which leads to nowhere...we all fill just space and are part of IN-KONFLIKTS.
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InfraRot item number:2011.286
Label's catalogue number:tesco060
1.Moral Rear
2.Disobey Ends
3.Industrial Strife Pt. 2
4.We Care For You
5.Death Hypes
6.A Peculiar Crusade
7.Industrial Strife Pt. 1
8.No Better Culture
9.Industrial Strife Pt. 3
10.Black And Tans Are Noble
11.Conditio Humana