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Ghost Twin

"Love Songs for End Times (Limited Vinyl)"


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Release: July 2021
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Ghost Twin - Love Songs for End Times (Limited Vinyl) LP

The sophomore album from Canadian duo Ghost Twin brings pop hooks, romantic ballads, heavy anthems and club stompers. Four years after Ghost Twin's debut for Artoffact Records, the Winnipeg, Canada-based duo returns with Love Songs for End Times, an album that promises to bring some much needed cathartic release through a prism of pop hooks, romantic ballads, heavy anthems and club stompers. Ghost Twin explores the darkness of nostalgia on the new album, due out on Artoffact on June 4th, an approach that signals a turning point for the band. Karen and Jaimz Asmundson, longtime artistic collaborators and husband-and-wife, take turns crooning fatalistic lyrics as elements of 80s synthpop, Industrial, German Techno, French House, and a knack for writing earworms, competing for your attention.
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1.A1 Strobe Light
2.A2 Blue Sunshine
3.A3 Pet Ceremony
4.A4 Death Note
5.A5 Babes In The Woods
6.B1 Become Control
7.B2 Illuminati
8.B3 Give Me More
9.B4 We Are The Damned
10.B5 Good Intentions