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Gianluca Becuzzi

"Plays Limbo (Unholy Rituals I-IIII)"


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Release: 2015
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Gianluca Becuzzi - Plays Limbo (Unholy Rituals I-IIII) 2CD

LIMBO, famous dark wave project from the 80s and 90s, ceased to exist for a long time, but kept a distinctive following in the Electro scene since. Gianluca Becuzzi, in the 30th anniversary of Limbo’s ‘birth’, releases ‘Plays Limbo (Unholy Rituals I-III) – a special double cd at an even more special price, that includes a fine work of (de)mixes from the tracks of the original records by Limbo, but in a way that totally subvert the original sounds...

The result is an inspired isolationistic album that draws in the deep. We're in dark lands, where electronics create symphonies that pull the listener into their own abyss. A work without com-promise by Becuzzi, who’s respected not only as founder of Limbo, but also as ex-member of Pankow, Kirlian Camera…and who continues releasing albums as ‘Noise Trade Company’.
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1.Unholy Rituals I
2.Unholy Rituals Ii
3.Unholy Rituals Iii
4.Unholy Rituals Iv
5.Unholy Rituals
6.Global Demix