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Release: 2017
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Gin Devo - Electrotheque CD

In lead with the masters of electronics from the 80's, Gin Devo (Vomito Negro Mastermind) strikes you with his new album "Electrotheque".

Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full analogue basses, pumping drum machines, vintage string machines and sequential hardware madness."Electrotheque" stands for "purists" and with this album Gin Devo proves to be one of the last artists whom is capable of generating this kind of hardware electronic music without compromises.So put on "Electrotheque", and enjoy the beat.
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1.Between Windows
2.In This Heat
3.Through This Lens
4.Push The Stars
5.Tilted Glass
7.City Of Light
9.Echo Path