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"The Endless Procession (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2006
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Ginormous - The Endless Procession (Limited Edition) 2CD

Amerikanisches IDM-Projekt. Industrial Noise trifft auf atmosphärische electronica-Sounds im Stil von Hecq, Lusine ICL und Gridlock.Die limitierte version enthält neben dem eigentlichen Album noch eine Bonus-CD, die den Namen "Our Ancestors' Intense Love Affair" trägt.
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A Mountain People Can Always Climb
Seek First To Understand
Slipping This Evening
The Endless Pocession
Then To Be Understood
This Little Robot`s Trying To Tell You Something
To Reveal Interiors
Welcome Vacuum
Our AncestorsŽ Intense Love Affair
Begin With The End In Mind
Byproducts Of Stress And Boredom
Closed For Remodelation
Cotton Bombs
Do What We Wanted
Gleaming Rows
Help Illuminate Dark Rooms
Well Into The Nineteenth