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Girls Under Glass

"Backdraft (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: June 2023
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Girls Under Glass - Backdraft (Limited Edition) 2CD

2CD hardcover book (72 pages, 18x18cm) inkl. additional artwork, liner notes and bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks

GIRLS UNDER GLASS are back ...
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1.Backdraft Prelude
3.Tainted Feat. Mortiis
4.We Feel Alright
5.No Hope No Fear
6.Eiskalt / Sunburst Feat. Derharms
7.Tanz Im Neonlicht
8.Everything Will Die
9.Endless Nights
10.Heart On Fire
11.Dream Yourself Away Feat. Tom Lücke
12.Showtime Feat. Tom Lücke
13.Body Electric 23 Feat. Tom Lücke
14.Some Kind Of Stranger Feat. Tom Lücke
15.Du Tier Feat. Tom Lücke