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Release: 2013
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Girugamesh - Monster CD

That’s what fans have been waiting for so long: After a break that lasted more than two years, girugamesh mark its return with the release of a new studio album named MONSTER. And the title is predestination, because the band took their time to rally all forces: Every single track on MONSTER sound like pure energy and enthusiasm just like back in the early band days. Already the first single INCOMPLETE raised expectations to a higher level and there is no doubt that the rest of MONSTER will delight the audience in Europe as well. The album will be available in Europe just a few days after the Japanese release but that’s not even all: The European version of MONSTER will include two bonus tracks that are reserved for the audience in Europe only. The signs are more than promising that MONSTER will pave the way for girugamesh’s glorious return.
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Label's catalogue number:GSCD093
5.Zan Tetsu Ken (Monster Version)
6.Antlion Pit
8.Bad End Dream
9.Live Is Life
10.Zecchou Bang! (Monster Version)
11.Another Way
13.Limit Break (European Bonus Track)
14.Takt (European Bonus Track)