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Glass Apple Bonzai

"Glass Apple Bonzai"


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Release: 2015
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Glass Apple Bonzai - Glass Apple Bonzai CD

File Under: Retro Electro-Pop

Limited and hand-numbered edition of strictly 500 physical copies ONLY! Daniel X. Belasco from Canada, formerly known as a member of a great and fun band DEFENC MECHANISM, presents the debut by his retro-electro-pop project GLASS APPLE BONZAI.

This album – originally a ...
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1.A Million Foolish Hands
2.The Fist
3.Too Late To Let Go
4.Fade To Sorrow
5.Right Some Day
6.The Freeze
7.Impossible To Ignore
8.Satellite Of Fallen Grace
9.The Girl With The Telephoto Eye
10.The Freeze (12’’ Extended Mix)
11.I Can’T Stop Tunning
12.My Alliance (To Science!) (Radio Edit)
13.My Alliance (To Science!) (12’’ Extended Mix)