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Glass Apple Bonzai

"In The Dark (Limited Purple Vinyl)"


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Release: 2017
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Glass Apple Bonzai - In The Dark (Limited Purple Vinyl) LP

Limited edition purple vinyl. Glass Apple Bonzai's epic synthwave meets movie-score 80s nostalgia gets a release on Artoffact Records. Ontario, Canada-based Glass Apple Bonzai releases synthwave, 80s-music score-inspired synthpop and has slowly been turning more heads both in the project's home country and abroad. The new album In The Dark is a satanic synth opera worthy of other contemporary composers Perturbator and Survive.
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1.01. Light In The Darkness (Overture)
2.02. Holy War
3.03. In The Dark
4.04. Suicide, You, And I
5.05. The Unholy (Interval)
6.06. Light In The Darkness (Reprise)
7.07. What They Say (Featuring Hello Moth)
8.08. Modern Light (Monologue By Alex Reed)
9.09. A New Day Begins 10.
10.A Wicked Fire (Finale)