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Glass Apple Bonzai

"Night Maze"


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Release: June 2019
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Glass Apple Bonzai - Night Maze CD

Style: Retro Electro-Pop

Only 500 physical copies, each handnumbered. The Space-Synthwave saga of GLASS APPLE BONZAI continues! After last year's successful debut, Daniel X. Belasco decided to strike while the “iron is hot” and now presents ‘Night Maze’, on which he continues to follow and develop the musical concepts of its predecessor, focusing on retro synth-pop, space disco, and analog electro. The term "analogue" here is not just empty words - the Canadian musician used a collection of vintage synthesizers and musical equipment for the recording of «Night Maze»… One of the reasons why G.A.B. so successfully recreates the atmosphere of the "Golden Age" of electronic pop music, when DEPECHE MODE, OMD, A-HA, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, ALPHAVILLE, YAZOO, CAMOU-FLAGE recorded their classic albums. Nevertheless: Also modern trends of electro-pop music ar not forgotten (sometimes possible association even with late era of ASSEMBLAGE 23), and are skillfully integrated into the retro sound of GLASS APPLE BONZAI.
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1.Into The Maze
2.Night Maze
3.I Can’T Feel
4.An Asrtophysicist Love Story I
5.The Stars
6.Thу Legend Of Anti-God
7.Dancing On The Moon
8.The Edge Of Morrow
9.I Don’T Mind
10.Blue Satellite