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God Module

"Empath 2.0"


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Release: 2013
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God Module - Empath 2.0 CD

The second album from God Module, 'Empath' (Out of Line 2003) has been unavailable for years now. The album shows a departure from the SCI FI themes of the bands 1999 debut 'Artificial' (Trisol). Instead, Empath focused on an area far more personal to it's creator than exposed on earlier works, a place where abstract emotion intertwines with the beauty and horror of human life. Pounding beats and violent rhythm structures intertwine with the infectious synth melodies to create a sound that defied electronic music trends, by melding them all into one. It is truly a testament to the talent of the act that this remastered version of Empath sounds as vital and powerful as it did upon its original release. This new edition comes in a completely new Artwork and booklet!
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3.As The Night Falls
5.Reverse Inversion
7.Levitation 08 Dear Dead Flesh
8.Ever After