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Grausame Töchter

"Alles Für Dich"


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Release: 2012
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Grausame Töchter - Alles Für Dich CD

'Alles Für Dich' is the Grausame Töchter's latest album. The bizarre girls around Aranea Peel deliver a remarkably excellent musical work, which lives up to their name: The lyrics are even darker, more cruel and evil than on their debut. Areana sings to an imaginary friend in most songs (or does she exist in reality?), who becomes a merciless victim of Araneas most atrocious fantasies. Therefore many songs have titles such as: 'Therapie fuer Dich' (Therapy for you), 'Tanz fuer Dich' (Dance for you) and 'Rosen fuer Dich'(Roses for you). Especially the last title is misleading: Instead of romance the topic is murder. Many songs seem like a psychosadistic hymn to brutal sangfroid, searching for its equal.

"There are enough dishonest songs ...
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1.Albtraum Deiner Lust
2.Blut Geleckt
3.Ich Darf Das!
4.Liebeslied Für Dich
5.Tanz Für Dich
7.Therapie Für Dich
8.Alles Für Dich
10.Wie Eine Spinne
11.Blut Geleckt Reprise
12.Rosen Für Dich
13.Lüge (Straftanz Remix)
14.BLut Geleckt (Schizophreniac Remix)
15.Zerbrochenes Spielzeug (Familiy Core Remix)